Ace Your Next Online Job Interview

One of the most convenient yet stressful innovations of this age is the increasing popularity of online job interviews. This new age method of seeking potential employer and employees is very helpful in increasing the global employment rate. Working abroad or working for a foreign company or employer has become possible and tremendously easy.

In fact, it is very cost-effective as well for both parties not to mention that it saves everyone a lot of time. However, this new way of meeting the employment demand and supply is definitely nerve-wracking to some, especially for the one seeking employment. If you are the job applicant, the news about a job interview is exciting.

Online Job Interview

This is an open door for you to land at a job. However, the said online interview being new to you creates a feeling of uncertainty and doubt. Nevertheless, it is possible to race it just like any job interviews you may have in the past. You have to focus on the basics and some important details to make sure you give your interviewer a good impression of you.

Focus on the Basics Just like any job interview, you have to be sure you have all the necessary stuff prepared. Be presentable. Always make sure you dress properly for the interview. Make sure you have the right make-up and haircut too. Remember always that your interviewer online will have more focus on your face so put on a good dress, a nice make-up, and a friendly smile.

Sit properly and maintain a good posture. Whenever you are tempted to slouch, remember that the interview will be finished any second now. A good job is always worth a little sacrifice. Be organized. You will not be bringing folders and other files to hand over to your interviewer. Make sure you have your electronic résumé ready should they want you to email it to them.

At the same time, keep your background neat and clean. Make sure the room you are in has sufficient lighting and your background space is free from clutter. If possible, choose a room where people will not be passing behind you every now and then.

There should be little or no noise from the background to avoid disturbance or interference during the scheduled online interview. Be prepared. Take time to research about your potential employer or company background. Learn about the latest news that the company is part of. Know who the company executives are, and the possible manager or boss in the department that you applied to.

Know the payment you could expect from that company, and the minimum wage, all of which could be available from the labor law posters of that company.  Check the requirements of the position you are applying for and compare your credentials to those. Identity right away you’re strengths and weaknesses when it comes to handling the job.

Define the past work experiences you have which are similar to the job stated. Always highlight your contributions or achievements for that position. It will also help if you can check online for possible interview questions pertaining to that specific job role.

This will help you prepare for answers to those types of questions. Be confident. Chances are you already passed the preliminary screening. They considered you for this interview because they have already reviewed your résumé or background. All you need now is not simply to impress them but to show them that you are what you wrote in your résumé.

You do not need to be intimidated. You have to show them that they made the right decision of giving you this chance to get the job. Review Important Details This online job interview requires not just your presence but the use of electronic gadgets or new technology as well. Be technically prepared. Make sure your webcam and microphone work well.

Do a mock interview with a friend or family member to check if they can see and hear you well online. At the same time, make sure you see and hear the other party too. If there are technical issues, identify if it is from your end or from the other party’s end. Do not forget to check your mouse and keypads too if they work properly. You might need to type or chat.

Be personally prepared. If you have a recording device on your computer, record your voice. Listen to yourself and see if you sound good enough. Otherwise, you might want to improve your vocals. You might also have to avoid drinking cold soda or water to avoid vocal issues. Exert some effort to look better online. Try taking pictures of yourself from the webcam. See if you look better with less or more make-up on.

One of the best preparations you can do is to have a trial interview with a friend, family member or a professional colleague. Make them ask you questions pertinent to the job and to your personal background. Make a list of all these questions. Make them ask you a few questions that are not on your list. Allow them to rate how the interview went in terms of the technical and personal aspect.

What technical challenges did they encounter? Was it your audio, your video, or both? Was the interview outcome impressive or does it need improvement? Which aspect of the interview went really well and which part requires some changes? Take time to evaluate the interview yourself.

What part of the interview did you like? Which one did you hate? What questions did you answer confidently? Which ones made you stutter? An honest answer to these questions can help you ace your real online job interview.

You only need a day or two to do all these things. You have months or years to enjoy the job if you pass the online interview. Therefore, take a time to prepare for it. In the process of practicing and preparing, you will realize everything else you need to do or say in order to ace that online interview. On the day of the interview, look straight into the webcam. Before you say anything, imagine that you are talking to your boss and this conversation will help you bag your next promotion. How confident and convincing should you sound?