Apple will start selling New MacBook Air

Here is the motivating news of the Taiwanese financial daily, which reported that the giant Apple Inc. will start selling its latest MacBook Air at the end of June with 380,000 units, as the initial mailing. Then again, there are rumors that industry sources say the MacBook Air receive an update on the bridge of sand to power in July.

Apple will start selling New MacBook Air

Machine Updates are also planned for the port of MacBook’s beams other people on board. Well, the story adds that the first delivery will be 380,000 units and combined with shipments to the air date shows the total number of laptops will be shipped Air 460 000.

Interestingly, if the source is correct, then we can expect that there will be many owners who buy the last air this month before the end of World machines with a severe case of buyer’s remorse. At one fell swoop, the same source also has three iPad will launch in the fourth quarter of this year and will be equipped with a screen with a resolution of 5 to 6 times higher than the iPad offers 2. Well, the fourth quarter to launch three iPad is very surprising and disturbing because IPAD two recently launched a few months back (March).

For our part, we believe it is impossible for iPad 3 to start the fourth quarter year, and you? Inform us what you think and comment on the MacBook Air and also, the iPad 3 Communications are served hot 9C.Stay associated to us for more information on updates to technology! I am Shiraz Ali Internet Marketing & SEO Experts. I am the founder and editor of labor, a blog to find and submit the free guest post and get free Do-Follow backlinks for your site.