Choose the Best SMS Gateway

Nowadays everybody’s life has become mobile because of mobile phone. World has come much closer with the help of advanced technology. It is extremely important and required to stay in touch with technology. With the help of this technology one can send SMS to anyone in the world quickly and can convey the message. However there are some limitations to the usage of a simple SMS. Besides it may become costly to use it when one wants to use online messaging system. Another problem of SMS messaging is that SMS centres developed by different telecommunication companies use their own protocols and obviously these protocols are proprietary. Therefore the two centres cannot get connected if they do not share a common protocol. In such situation, Bulk SMSgateway comes to rescue. BhashSMS is a growing name in SMSgateway provider in India.

SMS Gateway

It is important to keep one updated in this fast moving world. BhashSMS is one of the finest and quickest bulk SMS service provider and that too at very reasonable rates. SMS gateway forms an important link between message sender and message receiver and completes the circle of transmission network. The SMS gateway governs many factors like delivery time, privacy of sender and receiver, etc. Therefore it is very important while one makes selection of the SMS gateway provider.

SMS gateway is placed between two SMS centres. It acts as a relay between the two centres and translates one protocol of one centre to another. Thus the two SMS centres of two different wireless network carriers are interconnected. They can exchange inter-operator SMS messages between them. For example; Nokia has SMS centre protocol called CIMD whereas CMG, another vendor has SMS centre protocol called EMI. The two centres cannot get interconnected as they are not supported by a common protocol. Here SMS gateway forms a link between the two centres and solves the problem.

Apart from wireless network carriers, bulk sms gateway can also be used by content providers and SMS application developers. For example, a developer of SMS text messaging application needs to connect to the SMS centre of a wireless network carrier to send and receive SMS text messages on his server. Different wireless network carriers may use different SMS centres from different vendors. This implies that SMS text messaging application developed by the developer may require supporting multiple SMS centre specific protocols. As a result, the complexity of the SMS messaging application increases and the time of development lengthens. To deal with this problem, SMS gateway can be installed to take care of the connections to SMS centres. After installation of SMS gateway, the SMS messaging application only needs to understand how to connect to the SMS gateway. To support more SMS centres, one is required to modify the settings of SMS gateway. There is no need to change the source code of SMS text messaging application. The SMS gateway will not only avoid complexity but will reduce the development time of the application.

BhashSMS takes the leading position in providing SMS gateway online. This facilitates to send multiple messages to various mobile numbers of any networks online.