Methandienonetablets: Effects And Possible Health Risk

Methandienone 10mg tablets are more commonly known as Dianabol. They have a powerful effect on the metabolization of protein in that it promotes its synthesis and build-up. It does this by establishing a positive nitrogen balance. This substance is a very powerfully anabolic and androgenic steroid. It is frequently used by professional bodybuilders to kick start their testosterone cycles. They are one of the oldest and best understood drugs categorized as an anabolic steroid. Many similar drugs meant to achieve various effects differing only slightly from Methandienone have been synthesized over the years. By using 5-10 tablets every day you can expect much gain under proper supervision.


It is often the first choice of bodybuilders who want to enhance their fitness regimen because it is well known and because there are very few mysteries surrounding its intended effects and its side effects. And it is a favourite among high-level bodybuilders for use during the off-season to help maintain their gains using 5-10 tablets every day. Bodybuilders must be mindful of and monitor negative Methandienone side effects. When taking it, the bodybuilder may see these side effects come about quickly such as enlargement of breasts. Some accepted and expected side effects of Dianabol (another name for Methandienone) reported by bodybuilders include:

  • Thinning hair or baldness
  • Acne
  • Yellowing of skin
  • Agitation
  • Negative behavioral changes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


  • It will show an increase in muscle mass
  • It is commonly used to jump start the effects of testosterone supplements.
  • It can aid you increase stamina
  • It is particularly good at giving users fast noticeable strength increases.
  • It has the effect of making the user feel strong, energetic and enthusiastic.
  • It will endorse you a feeling of well-being
  • It will assist you gain increased endurance

Side effects:

  • There is a serious down side to achieving great muscle mass related to the heart.
  • Do not take the effects lightly. Side effects should be strictly monitored and dealt with before serious irreversible ramifications become a reality.
  • It suppresses the natural formulation of testosterone in the body, which is why bodybuilders need to take a testosterone supplement while taking Methandienone, and for a while after stopping this supplement during the PCT.

It is not only a fairly simple drug, but is definitely one of the more effective and efficient steroids available today. It is important not only to eat a healthy diet and exercise while taking this steroid, but to continue eating well and exercising after discontinuing the steroid or those gains will disappear. For less experienced users, however, using it at either the beginning or the end is preferred, and the greatest benefits are typically obtained by using it at the beginning. Regardless of your goals, it is important to understand how it works, as well as proper nutrition and training in order to see not only the greatest gains, but the most desirable gains, basically to maximize muscle gains and minimize fat. The greatest risk involved with Methandienone tabs use is definitely the potential for run-ins with the law, in countries where anabolic steroids are only available with a prescription.